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Nissan turns its car technology into a safety tool for goose barnacle's collectors
In Galicia in northern Spain, every day people risk their lives to pick one of the most prized seafoods in the world: the "percebe" (goose barnacle). They grow on rocks, so the professionals ("percebeiros") who pick them are always at risk of being dashed against the rocks by waves breaking behind them.

Together with technology partner Glassworks and the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), we have developed the "Percebeiro Shield." It uses the same kind of technology that Nissan's cars use to warn of collisions to alert the collectors to incoming waves. Sensors, embedded in their wetsuits, scan the sea and, using an algorithm, predict when dangerous waves arrive.

The system is based on three devices: a module that visually indicates the type of waves that are behind them; a waterproof audio module that emits sound frequencies with different alerts and a third built-in vibration module in the lumbar zone that alerts them to the imminent risk.

The prototype has already been tested in Galicia, and has also been linked to alert Maritime Rescue in case a "percebeiro" falls into the water.

Juan Sánchez, creative and innovation vice president of TBWA/Spain, commented in a statement: "Percebeiro Shield is inspired by Nissan Intelligent Mobility technology, which detects the hazards of the road. The creation of this device and the communication campaign is the way that we have to communicate that technological innovation for Nissan is always at the service of an ultimate goal: to improve people's lives."


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