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The action shows the appreciation of people in an outdoor advertising circuit, designed to accompany the Madrid's city center garbage collection service throughout its journey.
Since the beginning of the confinement, the population has joined at 8 in the afternoon in an applause aimed at recognizing the great work that our health workers, state security forces and other professionals who are at the forefront in the fight against this virus .

Ecoembes and TBWA have wanted to extend the recognition with a thank you action specifically aimed at all the people who work in the waste collection and handling chain.

The campaign kicked off in RRSS with the # Héroesapiedecalle encouraging people to share a photo or video with their bag, a thank you message and tagging the brand and then sending it to its recipients in a way that would be unveiled a few days later.

After collecting a large number of messages on FB and IG, these were exposed during the night of Sunday, April 19, in a bus shelter circuit in the center of Madrid strategically designed to accompany the garbage collection service along its route (Cibeles , Fuencarral, Goya, Moncloa, Nuevos Ministerios and Independencia).
In this way, while the garbage dumps carried out their work, they could see these messages addressed exclusively to them and feel the gratitude of the people in the first person.

The campaign has been very well received by the group of workers in this sector who have recognized that it motivates them and helps them to continue doing their job. A job that may go unnoticed, but is of great importance for our coexistence and our environment.