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Our new brand local campaign for McDonald's invites us to see each other again.
After more than two months of confinement in Spain , meetings with our loved ones come back, and McDonald's emphasizes this by launching a close and emotional campaign supported in the human value of each meeting.

Long days in our homes or restricted departure times are no longer a constant in our country. Bars and restaurants are gradually reopen ; also giving the chance for people to meet again, to get together and to see each other face to face.

McDonald's has always been a meeting point for family and friends, which is why in its latest campaign to reopen its restaurants, the brand highlights the importance of these encounters with our loved ones, showing us their most human side.

Under the concept "It's time to see each other again," TBWA/Spain and McDonald's have created three commercials, where empty houses are shown after more than two months of confinement in our country with a background audio message, inviting someone to meet and taking advantage of that audio to say something important. The emotion and its close and familiar tone generates total empathy with situations.

“It’s time to see each other again” is the first McDonald’s campaign for TBWA\Spain’s recently appointed Chief Executive Officer, Juan García Escudero. In his words, “being able to debut in my new home, and doing it by working for a brand as iconic as McDonald’s is a gift. And if you also do it close to a client and a team that has the ambition to take it further, to make it more human, more authentic and more valuable to peole, even more”.

The reopening of McDonald's restaurants in Spain is achieved thanks to the company's effort in all areas to further strengthen hygiene and safety measures and controls. In addition, this new campaign celebrates the return to McDonald's restaurants with a purpose that today, more than ever, takes on a great sense: "creating real moments of happiness for everyone".