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We have developed the first machine able to measure fear ever.
Distance, time, the energy released by an earthquake...
Humans have succeeded in measuring everything.
Whenever a new unit of measurement is created, it receives the name of the person who conceived it.
And yet there was something profoundly human that nobody had ever measured before.
For the first time someone has done it. And the creator of this new index has been Until Dawn,
the most terrifying videogame of the last years.
Tracking their heart and respiratory rate, blood pressure, body heat balance, eye movement and pupil dilation the fear index of every participant was calculated in a one to five scale.
We invited media, gamers and digital influencers to try it. In real time, they received a video showing their own Until Dawn Index scores along with all their measured data so that they shared them on their social networks.
Furthermore, Spanish main media picked up the story about the Until Dawn Index, resulting in an unprecedented coverage for a videogame launch.
How much fear can you handle?


Effie Spain. Silver in Low Budget

New York Festivals. Shortlist in Live Events

Laus. Silver in Interactive Events

Laus. Bronze in Online Integrated Campaign